Aberdeen warns on lease agreement scam

Aberdeen Asset Management is warning investors that a fraudster is using its name and old logo in one of his scams.

The asset management house has issued a warning through its website which reveals that the scam artist is contacting potential victims through email and offering them false lease agreements.

The fraudster is attempting to lend credibility his claims with a profile on business social networking site LinkedIn, which makes out he is an employee of Aberdeen.

According to the group’s warning: “Aberdeen does not offer such agreements and will not contact the public in this way to offer such.

“Please also note that although our staff will use LinkedIn for networking purposes they never make contact with prospective clients or offer unsolicited business proposals via the site.”

The warning page also says the firm has been contacted by investors who have been cold-called by people claiming to work for Aberdeen or third-party firms and attempting to buy their investment company shares.

“These may be scams which attempt to gain your personal information with which to commit identity fraud or could be ‘boiler room’ scams where a payment from you is required to release the supposed payment for your shares,” Aberdeen adds.

“These callers do not work for Aberdeen and any third party making such offers has no link with Aberdeen.”