Natixis enters UK retail space with strategic income fund

Natixis Global Asset Management has entered the UK retail market with the launch of a strategic income fund.

The Loomis Sayles Strategic Income fund will be managed by the multi-sector fixed income team of Dan Fuss, Elaine Stokes and Matt Eagan.

The fund will invest primarily in income-producing securities with a focus on corporate, convertible and government bonds on a global basis, including emerging markets.

Fuss says: “In an environment like this, investing in a fund that has the ability to sift through asset classes and pick specific bonds of companies with strong market share and growth potential is absolutely essential.

“The beauty of our flexibility is we can shorten duration, when necessary, and we have already positioned ourselves for a protracted rising rate environment.”

The launch of the fund marks the start of a new UK Oeic which will in time comprise a range of sub-funds from NGAM’s underlying investment managers.

NGAM plans to launch additional sub-funds from its other investment affiliates over the course of the year, including offerings from H2O, a global macro manager. In addition, AEW UK, a London based affiliate which offers real estate investment solutions, is currently available to UK investors.