Wine enterprise investment scheme launches

The Wine Enterprise Investment Scheme (TWEIS) is to launch in 2012, under the management of wine investment veteran Andrew della Casa.

Andrew Della Casa
Andrew Della Casa

The new scheme will aim to raise up to £2 million for investment in fine wine to achieve capital growth for investors.

TWEIS will trade in “physical stock of superior quality wines from established producers and of very good to outstanding vintages”.

Wines will inlcude those of limited production, produced under a “recognised system of classification” or of a similar quality.

Della Casa says: “The Wine Enterprise Investment Scheme Limited offers investors not only exposure to a lower risk, tangible asset, but also diversification through an asset class that has historically generated relatively high returns combined with low volatility, thus producing higher risk-adjusted returns than other assets.

“It is also highly tax efficient with, incidentally, all the Enterprise Investment Scheme benefits accruing entirely to the investor.”

Della Casa is, along with Rodney Birrell, founding director of Anpero Capital, which launched the Wine Investment Fund in 2003. William Grey and Chris Smith complete the scheme management line-up.

The scheme will carry a subscription fee of 5% of the the subscription proceeds, a 1.5% of net asset value management fee, and a 20% performance fee of any net profits over the high watermark. Minimum investment is £10,000.

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