Bestinvest awards Baronsmead VCTs five stars

Bestinvest has awarded four Baronsmead venture capital trusts (VCTs) five-star ratings, ahead of a top-up offer.

Ben Seager-Scott
Ben Seager-Scott

Ben Seager-Scott, senior research analyst at Bestinvest, says he believes the top-up offers will be fully subscribed once launched.

He says: “The investment management team is one of the most experienced and highly regarded teams in the industry, which is well resourced and makes use of a proprietary ‘origination’ system which monitors deal flows and identifies potential opportunities.

“They also carry out extensive due diligence on investee companies and a superior level of ongoing monitoring, in my opinion.”

The Baronsmead and Baronsmead 2, 3 and 4 VCTs were all awarded the firm’s top five-star rating.

Seager-Scott adds: “Baronsmead VCTs have a strong track record of making solid deals and providing good returns to investors.

“Whilst past performance is no guide to future performance, it does add confidence in the investment management team’s ability to identify and execute good deals.”

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