Allianz to make Income & Growth available to UK investors

Allianz Global Investors’ Income and Growth fund will be made available to UK investors by the end of the first quarter.

Nick Smith
Nick Smith

Allianz is introducing a new sterling-hedged share class for the fund, which is managed by Doug Forsyth and his team in San Diego.

The fund invests in high yield securities, convertibles and equities, with covered call options.

Forsyth says: “Through the use of these three distinctive asset classes, we have constructed a portfolio that provides investors with attractive equity market exposure and current income potential.

“The portfolio seeks to include the best issuers in the market then determines the ideal investment within the company’s capital structure for the optimal total return.”

Nick Smith, managing director at Allianz Global Investors Europe, adds: “There is huge demand for investments that can provide a high and relatively stable level of income together with the opportunity for growth.”