Happy Christmas; now leave the office

Merry Christmas all,

It’s been a crazy year, and although the FTSE could not quite come through on everybody’s record-shattering hopes and dreams, can we really blame it?

Fifteen years is a tough task for anyone, let alone the FTSE: Fundweb freelance Phil Scott has not removed his scarf in two decades.

Well played for those who got in on the duration trade this year, unwittingly or not. And commiserations to those who missed out.

And how about India, eh?

It has been a pleasure to share the field of battle with you all in 2014, and we’ll continue to serve you as much information and insight about your industry as we can manage next year as well.

Enjoy a well-deserved break, however you care to do so.

We’ll be updating the website periodically throughout next week and will be back firing on all cylinders for 5 January.

Catch you next year.

Michael Berry

Adam Lewis

Beth Brearley

Phil Scott