2014: The year of the Chancellor

This year was Chancellor George Osborne’s. The man holding the purse strings of the nation went on a financial services binge in 2014.

Annihilating the share prices of insurers and annuity providers in the March Budget by opening up pension freedoms, Osborne crushed dreams and created new ones with his reforms.

Asset managers have since fallen over themselves to launch or promote funds for the at-retirement market. 

In no way a bit player, but on a slightly less influential track, Neil Woodford unveiled his eponymous asset house and attracted a lahar of money into his new fund.

Speculators who caught the falling knife of commodities earlier this year after Chinese contractions sent raw materials sinking to multi-year lows will be upset to say the least.

Turns out things could get a lot worse.

Meanwhile, Abenomics rolls on and it is still unclear whether the eastern giant’s phenomenal monetary gamble will drag it from its quagmire of deflation.

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