UK investors “most content”, says Schroders

UK investors are the most content in Europe when it comes to investment decisions, according to research carried out by Schroders.

The results, based on a poll of 1,400 investors, also show that the UK is the only country in Europe where the majority of investors are happy with their decisions.

Peter Beckett, head of international marketing at Schroders, says: “Our far-reaching study of affluent investor opinion, spanning 10 European countries, comes at a time when the region has been through major economic challenges and investors across Europe have been forced to revisit and reappraise their investment strategies.”

Opinion was evenly divided in Germany, which came second, as 50% of investors described themselves as happy with their choices, but only the UK had a clear majority, where 55% described themselves as happy.

Eight out of ten countries returned a majority of investors who were unhappy with their decisions.

The biggest regret among UK investors was not starting to invest earlier in life, followed by wishing they had invested more money.

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