Threadneedle mulls US fixed-income fund

Threadneedle is considering adding a US fund to its fixed-income range and plans to expand its multi-asset range for Toby Nangle, the new head of multi-asset.

Adrian Shandley
Adrian Shandley

It is sending an analyst to the US to work in sister company Columbia Asset Management’s fixed-income team. Mark Burgess, chief investment officer at Threadneedle, says: “The analyst will help feed US fixed-income ideas into our global fixed-income products. I also expect our fixed-income range will have more US coverage by possibly launching a US fixed-income fund.”

In July, Threadneedle appointed Nangle, formerly director of multi-asset and fixed income at Barings, as head of multi-asset. Burgess says he is waiting for Nangle’s input on the gaps in the range when he joins in January. He says: “It is likely we will launch new multi-asset funds for Nangle to get his teeth into.”

Adrian Shandley, managing director of Premier Wealth Management, says: “There is demand for US fixed-income but there is potential for large currency fluctuations with the dollar.”

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