Threadneedle launches offshore UK equities fund

Threadneedle Investments has launched a Luxembourg-domiciled UK equities fund under its Sicav range for Simon Brazier, head of UK equities.

Simon Brazier
Simon Brazier

The Threadneedle (Lux) UK Equities fund will mirror the process used on the Threadneedle UK fund.

Simon Brazier says: “We have spoken extensively to our clients and they have indicated a great appetite for a product that will capitalise on the UK investment market in this form and will enable a broader range of investors to access our expertise in UK equity investing.

“Valuations of UK equities are currently compelling and many companies are in good health with strong balance sheets.”

The fund has been defined for offshore UK investors and will carry advisory fees of 1.25% and a 0.25% shareholder services fee.

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