Morningstar unveils top performing funds of 2011

UK gilt funds dominated the top performance charts in 2011, according to figures from Morningstar.

Eight of the top 10 performers sat in the Investment Management Association UK Gilts and UK Index Linked Gilts sectors, with the Henderson Long Dated Gilt, managed by Phillip Apel and Mitul Patel the top performer, having risen by 24% between January 1, 2011 and December 20, 2011.

The fund was closely followed by Henderson Index Linked Bond and the BAM UK Long Dated Gilt, which have risen 23.59 and 23.58%, respectively.

Less than one in six funds managed to produce a positive return in 2011, compared to 97% of funds producing a positive return in 2010.

According to Morningstar, the worst performer was the HSBC Gif Indian Equity fund, having fallen over 46%. SF t1ps Smaller Companies Gold – the top performer in 2010 – was the second worst performer in 2011, having fallen 44%.

As expected, the IMA UK Index Linked Gilts sector was the best performer, with the 13 funds in the sector up by an average of 21% in 2011. The IMA UK Gilts sector rose 15% with the UK Corporate Bond sector up 4%. The IMA China and Greater China sector was the worst performing sector having fallen 24.2%.

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