EM equities was worst major asset class in 2011

Emerging market equities was the worst performing asset class in 2011, according to research performed by HSBC.

In tracking the sterling total returns on major asset classes from the end of December 2010 to the end of November 2011, the report has revealed that equity classes made up the majority of negative performers.

Emerging market equities achieved a negative return of about 18% over the course of the year. Private equity, Asia Pacific ex-Japan equities and Japanese equities also all delivered negative returns, of 17%, 16% and 14%, respectively.

Europe equities lost about 10% while Global equities offered a negative return of 6%. The best of the worst were UK equities, which lost 4% and US equities which lost about 0.5%.

Gold was the strongest performing major asset class as it achieved a return of 23% over 2011. Comparatively, the second-best performer was index linked gilts which returned 17%.

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