Woodford tops ATS platform sales in H1

Neil Woodford has taken the the top spot on the Alliance Trust Savings Platform best selling funds over the first half of 2014.

Data released today by ATS reveals that Woodford’s CF Woodford Equity Income fund was the most popular actively managed fund on its platform in the six months to June this year.

Woodford actually appears twice in the best selling funds with the the income share class for his CF Woodford Equity Income fund ranked the tenth most popular funds with investors over the period.

ATS head of platform proposition Sara Wilson also points out that investor’s appetite for Woodford fund has shown no sign of letting up in July.

She says: “The popularity of the fund has continued in July with the accumulation version of the fund ranked second and the income version ranked 5th.”

Elsewhere however the best selling funds list was largely dominated by passive funds with the HSBC FTSE All Share Index fund actually ranked first as the best selling fund over the period while a number of other passive funds from both HSBC and Vanguard also appeared throughout the top 10.

The Standard Life Investment’s £20.8bn Global Absolute Return Strategies fund was the only actively managed fund to feature in the 10 best selling list other than Woodford, ranked in the top 5.

Wilson adds: “Seven out of 10 of our most popular funds are passive rather than actively managed (H1 2014). Our customers continue to be attracted to these funds because of the low cost nature and our flat fee structure, the combination of which makes for a very attractive proposition.”