UK leaders pledge more Scottish tax powers if voters shun independence

All three heads of the main UK parties have joined forces to sign a declaration pledging to give the Scottish government more tax powers following the 2015 general election if the country votes against independence.

Each of the three major UK parties have already laid out their own plans to pass more control over to Holyrood, the most recent coming from the Conservatives who proposed greater powers over how the Scottish government raises income tax.

However Prime Minister David Cameron has now come together with deputy prime minister Nick Clegg and Labour leader Ed Miliband to publish a formal declaration promising to deliver these additional powers shortly after the 2015 general election.

The joint declaration will focus on the delivery of greater fiscal responsibility for the Scottish government as well as more powers surrounding social security.

The exact details of the joint declaration, already signed by all three party leaders, are set to be revealed today during Cameron’s visit to Glasgow and ahead of the first televised debate between Scotland’s first minister Alex Salmond and leader of the ‘No’ campaign Alistair Darling.

A report by the BBC includes an extract from the declaration. It says: ”We support a strong Scottish Parliament in a strong United Kingdom and we support the further strengthening of the parliament’s powers.”

“The Scottish Labour Party, the Scottish Conservative and Unionist Party and the Scottish Liberal Democrats have each produced our own visions of the new powers which the Scottish Parliament needs.

“We shall put those visions before the Scottish people at the next general election and all three parties guarantee to start delivering more powers for the Scottish Parliament as swiftly as possible in 2015.

“This commitment will deliver a stronger Scottish Parliament in a stronger United Kingdom.”