Schroders unveils onshore version of Abercrombie’s global EM fund

Schroders has unveiled an onshore version of its $495m Schroder QEP Global Emerging Markets fund.

This onshore version, available to UK retail investors, will also be managed by Schroders QEP investment team led by Justin Abercrombie.

The fund will adopt the same investment objective and style as the Luxembourg-domiciled original.

Minimum investment for the new fund will vary depending on the platform it is accessed via and the OCF is 1.06 per cent. 

Schroders UK intermediary managing director Robin Stoakley says: “We believe there is a lack of viable options for UK investors in this area and have launched an onshore version of the fund specifically to meet the needs of the UK advisory market. 

“The QEP Investment team has a strong track record and I am very confident that they will continue to deliver strong returns for our investors going forward.”