Salmond: UK can’t stop Scotland keeping the pound

First minister Alex Salmond has once again insisted Scotland would continue to use the pound as its currency should the country vote yes for independence next month.

All three UK political parties have ruled out Scotland using the pound and during a televised debate last week, Salmond failed to come up with a ‘plan B’ when it came to what currency an independent Scotland would use if it could not use sterling.

Writing in the Sunday Herald, Salmond says: “Having spent my entire political career fighting for what I regard as being in the best interests of Scotland, I am not going to settle for second-best on currency or anything else… it’s our pound and we’re keeping it.”

Salmond added that there was nothing the three major UK political parties could do should Scotland want to use the pound.

He adds: “There is literally nothing anyone can do to stop an independent Scotland using sterling, which is an internationally tradeable currency.”

According to reports, countries like Ecuador and Panama have previously tried to adopt another country’s currency without its agreement, although economists have warned it is a risky option as it would leave Scotland without a say on how their currency is managed.