Nikko appoints Swip director Will Low as head of global equities

Nikko Asset Management has appointed Scottish Widows Investment Partnership director of equities William Low as head of global equities.

Low brings across his equities team from Swip including global fund manager Stephen Corr, investment directors James Kinghorn, Greig Bryson, Iain Fulton and Johnny Russell.

The team will remain Edinburgh-based and will be responsible for global equities investment.

Low was appointed as Swip director of equities in August 2012 having joined the group in April 2011 and previously worked at BlackRock as director and portfolio manager leading its Europe, Australasia and the Far East portfolio team.

Aberdeen completed the acquisition of Swip from Lloyds Banking Group in April.

Nikko is currently developing retail and institutional funds to harness the strategy in its home markets around the Pacific Rim, as well as in the UK.

The team will be able to run institutional money in much quicker time, Nikko global head of investment Yu-Ming Wang says.

Nikko chairman David Semaya says the asset house, which manages $170bn and is headquartered in Tokyo, plans to be the premier Asian asst manager.

Demand for global equity strategies has grown among the firm’s institutional and retail Asian clients, he says, as they look to diversify ever-increasing equity allocations.

“We look at the world from east to west, unlike other asset managers who are looking at it the other way round.”

Nikko has had a global fixed income team based at its London Wall office for about a decade.