Most Scots want to keep pound in independent Scotland

The majority of Scots think an independent Scotland should carry on using the pound, according to the Scottish Social Attitudes survey.

The BBC reports some 68 per cent voted in favour of using the pound whilst only 14 per cent favoured a new currency.

Support for independence had increased marginally but 39 per cent of survey respondents thought they would be financially worse off in an independent Scotland.

Of people surveyed, 25 per cent said they would vote “Yes” to independence – up from 20 per cent in 2013 – compared to 43 per cent would said they would vote “No”. Some 29 per cent were undecided.

Despite an increase in support for independence since 2013, only 10 per cent of the total people surveyed thought they would be either “a little” or “a lot” better off, compared to 39 per cent who thought they would be worse off.

A total of 39 per cent thought that independence would make no difference to their personal finances.