Lipper: Multi-asset set to be best selling in 2014

Multi-asset is on track to be the best selling asset class for European investors in 2014 according to estimations by Lipper. 

Early indicators show sales for multi-asset Luxembourg and Ireland-domiciled funds in July are projected to reach €9.3bn (£7.4bn) in net inflows.

This would make multi-asset the best selling asset class for July according to the Lipper monthly fund flow data whilst also keeping it on track to be best-selling asset class for the year.

Lipper head of EMEA research Detlef Glow says: ”Even though these numbers are estimates, it seems that mixed-asset products are becoming European investors’ favourite for 2014.”

Multi-asset has become an increasingly popular asset class for investors hungry for income producing products and have spurred a number of launches and hires within the UK fund management industry. 

Firms such as Goldman Sachs, Threadneedle Investments and Franklin Templeton have all launched multi-asset products, seeking to capitalise on an ageing population who will soon be able to access their pension pots with total freedom as a result of the 2014 Budget pension reforms

For June, multi-asset was the second most popular asset class with €12.1bn in net inflows. Equity funds were the third popular with €6bn in net inflows.

Bond funds were the most popular asset class in June with €19.2bn in net inflows. 

BlackRock posted net sales of €2.7bn and had the highest sales of asset managers for June.

UBS and Woodford Investment Management had the second and third highest sales respectively as they both recorded €2.1bn in net sales.