Brown Shipley makes raft of changes in multi-manager overhaul

Brown Shipley has launched two new funds – the Brown Shipley Balanced and Brown Shipley Cautious – and dropped the “Multi-Manager” title in a rebrand of its Income and Growth funds.

The wealth manager will also merge the £13m direct equity Brown Shipley UK Flagship fund with the Multi Manager International fund and the Dynamic fund.

The combined fund will be known as the Brown Shipley Dynamic fund from Saturday 23 August. It has changed the objectives of each fund to fit five risk profiles.

Lead manager on all the funds will be Simon Nicholas, with the previously-listed managers working as a team underneath him.

Brown Shipley investment policy committee manager Ryan Johnson says work has been progressing behind the scenes on the rejig for about five months.

Johnson says: “We’ve been organising what it will mean for our clients and also what it means for our business.”

The new range of five risk-mandated funds will make it easier for the firm to match clients with funds as before clients were spread across funds to achieve different risk mandates, he says. 

“It’s bringing us more in line with our mandates, in terms of what we do at Brown Shipley when we sit down with clients.

“When a client joins us, we will have a model portfolio for their mandates,” he says.

It will also enable the company to better monitor performance of particular risk profiles, he says.

All the funds will have a mixture of funds and direct securities, with the risk levels able to be tweaked through the balance of the two.