BlackRock manager quits after dodging £43k in rail fares

BlackRock portfolio manager Jonathan Burrows has quit his job at the firm after being found to have dodged around £43,000 in train fairs over a five-year period.

The Daily Mail reports Burrows is thought to be the biggest fare-dodger in history by avoiding the £21.50 fare from Kent to London and using his Oyster card to pay just £7.20 per day.

Southeastern told Burrows he owed them £42,550 in unpaid fares, plus £450 in legal costs.

Burrows was suspended by BlackRock in July when the unpaid fares came to light but quit the role when BlackRock quizzed him further.

The news also came to the attention of the FCA which started its own probe over concerns that his actions could make him unsuitable for City work.

However the FCA investigation ended when Burrows resigned.

A BlackRock spokesman says: “Jonathan Burrows has left BlackRock. What he is alleged to have done is totally contrary to our values and principles.”

British Transport Police and Southeastern say they are continuing their investigation.