Architas unveils Diversified Multi Asset fund for Rock

Architas has unveiled the Architas Diversified Real Asset fund for its chief investment officer Caspar Rock.

Launched on 5 August to institutional investors, the fund is expected to be rolled out to retail investors by the year’s end subject to consumer testing.

The portfolio is focussed on alternative assets that Rock feels are not fully explored by multi-asset fund managers who continue to favour equities and bonds.

Seeded with £3m at launch Rock is keen to include asset classes that are less correlated to equities and bonds and is ensuring the portfolio has 50 per cent allocated to daily traded funds.

He says he already has some funds in mind for inclusion that are held in his pre-existing fund range.

He says: “We are trying to an extent to protect against inflation and provide diversification.

“Some people throw hands up in the air when they hear the word alternatives. It is not about hedge funds etc, it is about assets less correlated to equities and bonds.”