200 businesses sign Scottish ‘Yes’ vote letter

Some 200 pro-independence businesses, including a former RBS chief and a veteran Edinburgh fund manager have hit back at a letter signed by industry figures stating the business case for an independent Scotland had not been made.

A total 130 business leaders contributed to a letter published yesterday in The Scotsman newspaper which included signatories from key figures within the UK’s asset management and banking industries.

However 200 business people have now compiled their own letter to The Herald setting out the case for business in an independent Scotland featuring a number of signatures from prominent names in fund management and finance.

The letter says Scottish industry is all too often treated as a “cash cow” in its current role as part of the UK, arguing that the country’s “many areas of economic strength” would be given “even more advantage” under independence.

It adds: “Scottish industry is often treated as a cash cow rather than a strategically important part of a more prosperous and fairer society.

“Scotland must look outwards to the world of opportunity that awaits us. A Yes vote is the business and jobs opportunity of a lifetime for this and future generations.”

Former Royal Bank of Scotland chief executive Sir George Mathewson signed the letter, along with founder of Standard Life Bank and Intelligent Finance Jim Spowart.

Angus Tulloch, a renowned fund manager at First State Stewart based in Edinburgh, is featured as a signatory to the letter.

Former executive director James Scott from the industry body for financial services in Scotland, Scottish Financial Enterprise, also contributed to the letter.