Zurich chairman resigns following CFO suicide


Zurich Insurance Group chairman Josef Ackermann has resigned following the suicide of CFO Pierre Wauthier.

Ackermann has resigned with immediate effect and his role will be taken over by vice-chairman Tom de Swaan on an interim basis.

Wauthier was found dead at his home outside of Zurich on Monday, police have since deemed Wauthier’s death a suicide.

Ackermann says: “The unexpected death of Pierre Wauthier has deeply shocked me. I have reasons to believe that the family is of the opinion that I should take my share of responsibility, as unfounded as any allegations might be.

“As a consequence, I see the possibility of a continued successful Board leadership to the benefit of Zurich called into question. To avoid any damage to Zurich’s reputation, I have decided to resign from all my Board functions with immediate effect.”