JP Morgan to merge 17 offshore funds


JP Morgan Asset Management is to merge 17 Luxembourg-domiciled funds as part of a strategic review.

As part of this review, nine are being merged this month with a further eight to follow in September and November.

With the second set yet to be named, the initial nine mergers are as follows;

  • JPMorgan Funds America Large Cap into JPMorgan Investment Funds US Equity
  • JPMorgan Investment Funds Global Total Return into JPMorgan Investment Funds Global Capital Appreciation
  • JPMorgan Funds Emerging Markets Infrastructure Equity into JPMorgan Funds Emerging Markets Equity
  • JPMorgan Funds Europe Micro Cap into JPMorgan Funds Europe Dynamic Small Cap 
  • JPMorgan Funds Europe Dynamic Mega Cap into JPMorgan Funds Europe Dynamic
  • JPMorgan Funds Euro AAA Rated Government Bond into JPMorgan Funds EU Government Bond
  • JPMorgan Investment Funds Europe Bond into JPMorgan Funds Euro Aggregate Bond 
  • JPMorgan Funds Global Duration-Hedged Corporate Bond into JPMorgan Funds Global Corporate Bond
  • JPMorgan Investment Funds Japan Focus into JPMorgan Investment Funds Japan 50 Equity

The move follows an announcement in July 2013 that JP Morgan would be liquidating eight of its Luxembourg-domiciled funds by 30 August 2013 as part of this strategic review.