MPs confirm plans for Europe probe

Treasury select committee chairman Andrew Tyrie has confirmed plans to investigate the costs and benefits of the UK’s membership of the EU.

Tyrie says: “This inquiry will be wide-ranging, dealing with all the economic and financial consequences of the UK’s EU membership, and the impact of departure.

“The committee’s job will be to attempt to marshal the evidence on this important question into a coherent form, enabling the electorate to make a more informed decision. It welcomes evidence from all those with views and expertise.”

The committee will seek evidence on topics including how the balance of costs and benefits might change following Prime Minister David Cameron’s efforts to renegotiate the UK’s position in the UK, and the likelihood of it securing continued access to EU goods in the case of an exit.

It will also seek to establish the possible impact of a Brexit on financial services in particular, as well as discussing the EU’s regulation of products and markets.