Cameron faces first step in EU membership negotiations

David Cameron will start the difficult discussions on the UK’s position in the EU in a meeting at the European Council this evening.

The prime minister will meet with key figures from 28 EU member countries at the dinner tonight where he will lay out his renegotiation on the UK’s membership, reports the BBC.

The European Council meeting is Cameron’s first since the general election, and is his first attempt to get the backing of other nations on his proposals.

However, the current negotiations on Greece’s debt is likely to overshadow the events, making Cameron’s case harder to be heard.

“This presents an opportunity to get the negotiation under way and to kick off a process to work through the substance and to find solutions,” said Cameron ahead of the summit. “It will take us another step closer to addressing the concerns that the British people have about the EU.”

Cameron is also likely to face strong opposition from some nations, with French minister Emmanuel Macron telling the BBC: ”We have to be extremely cautious not to create a sort of EU a la carte.”