Swip tops August fund performance

Scottish Widows Investment Partnership (Swip) led the Lipper Fund Performance tables for August.

The Swip UK Real Estate fund was in first place with 23.6% growth and the Swip European Real Estate fund, which grew by 18.2% over the month, was fourth.

The SVM UK Opportunities fund, Henderson European Smaller Companies fund and Aberdeen Property Share fund made up the rest of the top five.

August’s worst performers were China funds, with five China funds recording falls of between 4.7% and 7.0%.

European Small Companies was the best performing sector, returning 11.1% over the month. Its leading fund was the Henderson European Smaller Companies fund, which grew by 18.7%.

This was followed by the Europe excluding UK sector, with 9.8% growth, and Europe including UK at 8.9%.

The Japanese Smaller Companies sector was the best performer over both three months, growing by 20.1%, and a year, growing by 23.8%.

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