Julius Baer launches Japan fund

Julius Baer has launched its Japan Stock fund in Britain, giving investors exposure to excess returns from Japan’s equities.

The fund uses two investment approaches: the ‘Quant Pool’ and the ‘Diamond Pool’. For the former, Julius Baer screens the 1,100 stocks in the MSCI Japan Index with a proprietary quant model to identify up to 100 of the most attractive stocks.

The second approach, the ‘Diamond Pool’, is a concentrated portfolio of 20 to 30 companies. The companies selected demonstrate excellent business models and have a leading position in the markets they operate in, either domestically or abroad.

The Quant Pool currently holds 55% of total net assets of the Japan Stock fund while the Diamond Pool holds 45% of total net assets. The fund currently has €140m (£123.6m) under management and is available through the Transact platform.

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