Premier poaches Ross for property fund launch

Premier joint managing director Jonathan Fry says: “There has been a lot of interest among intermediaries in providing exposure to commercial property, especially on the back of changes in pensions legislation and real estate investment trusts.”

As a result Fry says Premier will launch a property fund for Ross, which will primarily invest in British property shares: “The fund won’t invest in direct property purchase but will invest in property companies.”

He adds that the fund will be fully invested, and will be more liquid than direct property funds as it will not own physical property assets.

Fry explains that a shift is taking place from institutional to retail investment in commercial property. As a result, he says, Premier will continue to broaden its product range to offer investors more choice and diversification where it sees it can add value.

He adds: “Ucits III regulations have opened up a number of investment opportunities. We could see some interesting developments in the future.”

The Aberdeen Property Share unit trust will continue to be run by Aberdeen’s Pan European equity team, of which Ross was formerly part.