Fund managers diary

Jeremy Gleeson is the manager of the Axa Framlington Global Technology and Axa World Funds Framlington Global Technology funds. His diary runs from September 12-18.


I enjoy a family breakfast before departing for my flight to San Francisco. I may have missed out on a game of golf with my brother and friends, but manage to re-live my youth on the plane, by watching The A-Team. Arrive and meet the other managers on the trip, pick up our hire car and head south to Palo Alto. We grab a quick bite before returning to the hotel to read notes in preparation for a busy week.


Jet lag kicks in so up early, and another leisurely breakfast. Good news to start the day as Hewlett-Packard announces its intention to buy one of my holdings, ArcSight.

Check out by 7:45am, and jump into the car for the six meetings scheduled today. It is a constructive day with some new investment ideas for the fund. This is the first proper outing for my new iPad to take notes at the meetings. I am pleased that after six hours’ use I still have 40% battery life left. Finally, a worthy replacement for my Psion 5, which has been religiously used in meetings for the past 12 years.

I head north to San Francisco, grab a quick bite to eat and waste too much time trying to connect to the wireless network in the hotel. (article continues below)


Attend the Deutsche Bank technology conference, which kicks off at 8.15am with the first of many meetings of the day. I discover that my room resides in the black hole of the hotel’s wireless network, so I change my room and connect immediately. I make a few notes ahead of tomorrow’s meetings before catching up with a friend, who lives in the city, over quesadillas and beer.


My 9am meeting the managers of Riverbed is a short walk from the hotel. With a gap in my schedule, I call home from my room via Skype. The video call does not work but I chat to my two-year-old who asks me “Are you having a nice time at work, playing football?” Lunch is with a semiconductor analyst before meeting four analysts from Stifel Thomas Weisel.

In the evening I pick up another car for tomorrow’s trip to Silicon Valley. An offer to upgrade to a Volvo C70 convertible, while tempting, just will not fit three passengers plus luggage, so I settle for the pre-booked Toyota Camry. Then on for tapas and beers at a local micro-brewery with some of the other Britain-based fund managers attending the same conference, one of whom is celebrating his birthday.


Another day of company meetings begins at 8am. I listen to Qualcomm do its presentation over lunch and then meet the managers from PMC-Sierra. We go to Santa Clara for two more meetings. Hitting rush hour traffic on the way to the last meeting means a late return to San Francisco. I grab a quick bite to eat before packing for an early check-out.


Leaving at 6:50am, we drive back down to the valley for four more meetings. At the airport I get the weekend’s Premier League fixtures via the lounge wi-fi network and make a quick adjustment to my fantasy football team before grabbing a quick bite so I can sleep on the plane home.


The flight arrives early, my bag is one of the first out and traffic is light, so I make it home in pretty good time for lunch with my family. The weather is great (I have brought some of the California sunshine back with me), so we have a relaxing afternoon at the park. I optimistically suggest that if Sunday turns out to be as nice, it would be perfect for a round of golf.