Bambos Hambi joins Insynergy

Bambos Hambi, the former head of multi-manager at Gartmore, has joined Insynergy Investment Management.

Bambos Hambi
Bambos Hambi

Hambi has been working in a full-time senior consultancy position at Insynergy since the beginning of August. His responsibilities include business strategy and product development.

“He is one of the biggest industry names and we are delighted to have him on this team,” says Spike Hughes, the chief executive of Insynergy. “We are looking for world class investment opportunities that were previously not available for investors.”

Hughes says the team has identified “a number of exciting initiatives” and Insynergy is planning to grow its business. (article continues below)

Hambi left Gartmore in May 2008, after his five multi-manager funds had been handed to his deputy, Tony Lanning.

At Gartmore, he used to run the Gartmore Multi-Manager Active, Balanced, Cautious, Global High Alpha and UK High Alpha funds.

Prior to joining Gartmore in November 2003, Hambi and his multi-manager team ran multi-manager assets at Insight Investment Management. He managed the Insight Wealthbuilder Balanced and the Diversified Dynamic Return funds.

In August, Hambi joined a fund selection governance committee at Standard Life, made up of five members from Standard Life and independent members.