From: e-trader@fkim.com
To: george.lark@virgin.net
Subject: Good to see you
Much enjoyed the drink last night. You can understand my concerns. The thought of Liz and Lucinda comparing notes about me over a bottle of red wine does not bear thinking about.

From: e-trader@fkim.com
To: phil.dump@pgbrokers.com
Subject: Henley
Thanks for Friday. The journey there was a nightmare, but your hospitality was brilliant, as ever. Thanks for waking me up on the return journey and getting me to my train at Liverpool Street safely.

From: e-trader@fkim.com
To: liz.trader@activeinsure.com
Subject: What is going on?

It’s all very well for you to say that this is just a temporary arrangement while you decide what you want out of life, but I am finding it very difficult to cope alone in Suffolk. All the hard work I put into the garden will have been a complete waste if you are not there to help.

From: e-trader@fkim.com
To: toby.dent@hotmail.com
Subject: Our garden
Is there any chance that you could come in to help on a regular basis? My wife is away for a prolonged period and I am finding it difficult to cope on my own. I would not wish to see the work you have put in so far go to waste.

From: phil.dump@pgbrokers.co.uk
To: e-trader@fkim.com
Subject: The Olympic bid – hurray!

This will be a bonanza for London and the South-east. Fill your boots with construction shares – caterers will do well too. How much are you planning to invest?

From: e-trader@fkim.com
To: francis.braithwaite@fkim.com
Subject: Value Driven Investment TrustIt would help if you could give me some background on the board, as I do not think I can postpone meeting them for too long. Perhaps we could discuss it over lunch. Do you fancy some fish at Gows, or would you prefer the City Club?

To be continued…