Fund Manager’s Diary

Monday First thing is our daily meeting and video conference with the RCM offices in Frankfurt and Asia.

Back at my desk, I start reviewing my portfolio in the light of the market turbulence. Some stocks are starting to look interesting again. My list includes companies that have exposure to emerging markets – where demand for energy remains strong thus supporting higher prices – and I am also particularly bullish on wind energy companies.

Tuesday Conference call this morning with the chief executive of LDK Solar, manufacturer of solar wafers and in the process of building its own silicon production plant. With the ongoing bottleneck in silicon availability, which has resulted in high spot market prices, the company is hoping to produce its own silicon more cheaply.

This is a complicated process so if they succeed there should be further upside to the investment thesis. I hope to get an update from management on the construction schedule as well as their outlook for the solar market in 2009.

Later I head to the television studios of Fox Business news for a live interview. Colleagues in America have just released the results of a survey that reveals sentiment to investing in environmental technology companies, so the interviewer asks about this as well as my favourite sectors and stocks. After the interview the producer tells me that with all the doom and gloom they have reported on the markets that morning, they are grateful for such a positive story.

Wednesday I am asked to participate in a water conference in New York in March. Clean water, including opportunities in emerging markets, desalination, and regulation driving investments in water quality and safety, is a key theme for the fund, so it sounds interesting and will be a chance to gain extra insight.

This afternoon I grab some time to work with the marketing team on the presentation for a seminar in London.

We then have our weekly alternative energy team call with San Francisco. This is a great opportunity to discuss newsflow and share ideas, and today we are focusing on solar. We are looking out for announcements in legislation, which if passed, could mop up any excess solar capacity production that we expect to occur next year.

Thursday Key news today is the SunPower fourth quarter results announcement, and then in the afternoon there is a conference call on the outlook for energy prices and alternative transport fuels such as natural gas, ethanol from corn and biomass, and hydrogen and electricity from renewable resources. Go for a swim on the way home, which is a good chance to run through the seminar presentation in my mind.

Friday A few meetings today and mid-morning I head over to the West End offices of a national private client broker. It turns out to be a successful meeting as they express a keen interest in the fund. Great news to end the week.

Saturday Take my niece for a meal at the Rainforest Café and then to see the Lion King musical; an interesting experience. In the evening my husband and I hook up with friends, who are visiting from San Francisco.

Sunday It is a sunny day so we decide to take the motorbike for a ride in the Kent countryside – with a stop for lunch at a village pub. Once home, I prepare for my trip to Exeter later in the day, which is the start of the roadshow for the British launch of the fund.

l Bozena Jankowska is manager of Allianz RCM Global EcoTrends fund. Her diary runs from January 21-27.