Henderson set for more fund mergers

Henderson Global Investors is planning to merge away both its UK and European Opportunities funds as part of its latest fund rationalisations.

Subject to shareholder approval, the £87m UK Opps fund will be merged into the £327m UK Alpha fund, while the £209m European Opps fund will merged into the £755m European Growth fund.

Henderson says in both cases the funds being merged away operate in the same sector and have the same remit as the fund they are being merged with. Both the UK Opps and UK Alpha fund are managed by Stephen Peak, while Richard Pease and Simon Rowe will continue to manage the enlarged European Growth offering. European Opps manager Paul Casson will remain at the firm. (article continues below)

Henderson is also proposing the merger of its £34m cautious multi-manager portfolio, managed by Mark Harris and Craig Heron, into the Multi-Manager Income & Growth fund managed by Bill McQuaker.

The institutional share classes of the £65m Henderson UK Equity fund, managed by Andrew Jones and Graham Kitchen, is also being merged into the institutional share class of the Henderson High Alpha UK Equity fund, managed by Kitchen and Jones.