From: e-trader@fkim.com
To: stephen.james@stella-am.com
Subject: Hi!

I’m back from my sick bed – sorry to miss your arrival. Did Victoria explain what happened? Good to be working with you again. Let’s get together soon to discuss the new working arrangements and plan for the future.

From: e-trader@fkim.com
To: victoria.ovantine@fkim.com
Subject: New Year greetings
How was your Christmas? Hope it was better than mine, which was spent largely in bed. Has Steve Hart calmed down yet? And how is the old team shaping up? They weren’t very talkative when I arrived this morning.

From: phil.dump@pgbrokers.co.uk
To: e-trader@fkim.com
Subject: Happy New Year!

The news is we are soon to be owned by the Germans or the French. How are you settling down with your old colleagues? Fancy a tincture – or are you on the wagon this January?

From: e-trader@fkim.com
To: phil.dump@pgbrokers.co.uk
Subject: Re: Happy New Year!

On the wagon? I can’t even spell it, let alone get on it. Actually, I was ill over Christmas and only made it back yesterday, so catching up over a glass or two would be very welcome. At least the market behaved while I was off.

From: e-trader@fkim.com
To: francis.braithwaite@waitrose.net
Subject: Many thanks!

It was good to meet, though I apologise for the clandestine arrangements. From what you tell me, there may be an opportunity to initiate a complete management change.

From: archie.dent@onetel.com
To: e-trader@fkim.com
Subject: All the best for 2005
Sorry not to be in touch sooner, but I’ve been keeping a low profile since our spectacular lunch. My wife thinks you are the devil incarnate, back to drag me into the pit of boozing again, so I’m afraid you’ll have to find someone else for your garden makeover.

To be continued…