From: e-trader@stella-am.com
To: steve.falcon@rosenifa.co.uk
Subject: Re: Your newsletter.

An article is attached, but with Deutsche restricting redemptions, I don’t think you’ll get an easy ride from your clients. On a different tack, are you seeing people dash for cash or are they riding out this volatility?

From: e-trader@stella-am.com
To: jamie.burt@stella-am.com
Subject: Can you help me?

I’m nervous about this market and would like to lock in the index level through taking out some sort of option. This is new territory to me, but it must be meat and drink to you. How do I go about it?

From: e-trader@stella-am.com
To: lucindaws@finwomus.com
Subject: Liz’s job.

Liz did not have her position confirmed. She’s moping at home, regretting she left the insurance company in Ipswich. Still, at least she’s stopped pestering me to move back to London.

From: e-trader@stella-am.com
To: peregrine@mhcc.co.uk
Subject: Internet Television.

Do you really think it’s worth my while appearing on these new television channels? I mean, who watches them? With ­markets as rough as they are just now, my time is better spent at my desk.

From: steve.falcon@rosenifa.co.uk
To: e-trader@stella-am.com
Subject: Your article.

I’m grateful to you – the tone you struck was just right in my view. You’re right – I’m getting some stick, but mainly over property. My clients are generally staying put. Glad to see you’ve moved into emerging markets. They’ve been my saviour this year.

From: george.lark@virgin.net
To: e-trader@stella-am.com
Subject: Our Christmas lunch.

Are we having our festive celebration this year, or are the vicissitudes of financial markets keeping you strapped to your desk? I hear there’s a new Scottish restaurant opened in the City. Bet they have a good malt.

To be continued…