Fund Manager’s Diary

Monday At 5.20am, the alarm bell rings. Unfortunately, I have no time for breakfast this morning, so I grab a hot shower and then head off into the cold and dark to catch my train. I arrive at the office at 7.15am and sift through my emails over a decaff coffee. I also check the markets update for any important movements in equities and currencies ahead of an early-morning meeting with Ayal, who assists me in the funds division. The afternoon brings a meeting with Mike, the Film Fund’s product adviser, which has been called to discuss reducing recoupment time horizons on new projects. As Monday draws to an end, I’m out off the office by 6.10pm – not bad going at all.

Tuesday An early start to this morning as I need to be at Gatwick for the 7.40am to Geneva. The miserable weather delays the plane and I end up having to shorten my first meeting of the day with an investment bank on Rue du Rhone. I then have a succession of three meetings with private banks, the first of which goes extremely well, but unfortunately over-runs, and I’m late for the next one. Later in the day snow begins to fall and trying to get a taxi is nigh on impossible. I’m forced to make a few apology calls from my mobile and then have to dash back to the airport to make it home by 8pm.

Wednesday I’m up with the sparrows this morning as I need to take the 7.55am from King’s Cross to Newcastle. I’m meeting with one of our property sourcing agents to discuss the latest acquisitions for The Skylight Fund (our property fund). I’m scheduled to visit 10 properties, some of which are new purchases – the rest are in the middle of refurbishment. There is one property close to completion that has an expensive antique fireplace. We decide that it is prudent to put shutters on the property until it is let.

Thursday An overnight stay at the Gateshead Malmaison means a lazy start for me, and even though I get up at 6.45am, I still have time for a 40-minute run along Hadrian’s Way next to the Tyne. After breakfast, I head for another meeting with the sourcing agent at 8.45am. Before I begin more property visits, I check-in with Ayal at the London office for updates, and am pleased to hear that everything is running smoothly. I make some random checks on refurbishment works and find everything in good order. I head back to the station for the three-hour journey back to London.

Friday Last day of the week, up with the sparrows (we’re on first name terms now) and in on the usual train. I have an early meeting with family office representatives from Holland who are potential investors. The meeting goes well, and they seem to have a liking for property and film finance. I then lunch with one of the funds division’s introduction agents, who has flown in from the Middle East to discuss plans for the coming year. I just make it back at 2.15pm for a sales and marketing meeting. The week is wrapped up around 5pm, so I decide to nip to the gym on the way home.

Saturday No rest for the wicked, and I’m up bright and early most Saturdays to coach my son’s rugby team. Actually, this turns out to be one of the highlights of my week as we usually give the opposition a real thrashing. The evening brings an opportunity to unwind, which we do by meeting friends for dinner.

Sunday We enjoy a traditional Sunday family meal, but I have a few things to catch up on before getting back to the office tomorrow morning, so I spend an hour or so at the PC. A relaxing evening with a glass of wine draws the week to a close.

Peter Phelan is a fund manager at Pacific Continental Fund Management. His diary runs from March 27 to April 2.