Fund manager’s diary

Monday: All set for a busy week, as it’s the last week of the financial year for the Ventus funds. There is a deal completion meeting on the agenda and presentations with existing and potential investors, as we have just launched another £20m venture capital trust offering.

The day kicks off with our weekly team meeting, where the four of us on the Ventus team catch up on recent developments and what’s coming up over the next few weeks. As my team is located across the UK, it’s the only time we regularly have to catch up and keep abreast of what’s going on.

First external meeting of the day is a board meeting for one of the fund’s existing investee companies. We normally have a representative on the board of each investee company and for this company – a specialist in developing hydroelectric schemes – it is me. The board finishes at 11.45am and then it’s off in a cab to the first investor update presentation of the week in the West End. Meet with our investor relations team at RAM Capital for 10 minutes beforehand and then off to see six IFAs to update them on portfolio progress.

The meeting lasts 90 minutes, so we have half an hour to squeeze in some calls before we go off to the next one at 2pm. While the content of the presentation is the same, you can never second-guess the questions, so it’s a good challenge and important to be up on the performance statistics.

Tuesday: Five back-to-back shareholder and IFA meetings today. Finish the day with a conference call with our lending bank to give update on a couple of our windfarm projects.

Wednesday: Internal meeting to start the day. Climate Change Capital manages several other funds and we have a fortnightly management meeting to keep abreast of what’s going on across the business and to exchange market information. End the day at the New Energy Awards dinner at the Natural History museum. No gongs for Ventus this time, but an enjoyable evening all the same. Catch up with a couple of old power contacts I haven’t seen in a while and quickly alienate the rest of the conversation on our table.

Thursday: Early start after a late night giving a further investor presentation in the West End at 8am. A rather detailed examination of the portfolio performance to date, but I think my responses stand up to scrutiny. Head off at 10am to a meeting with a client to discuss a new windfarm project we are working on. Catch a bite to eat before heading off to another investor meeting.

At 3pm, the highlight of the week – the completion on a new investment for Ventus. The deal has been six months in the making, but finally the ink is on the paper and nice to have it all wrapped up and in the full-year results. We head out to celebrate over dinner.

Friday: Conference call at 10am with potential client who is developing a biomass plant. That lasts for about 90 minutes and we agree to a follow-up meeting out on the site in the next month. Finish the day trying to catch up on a few calls that backed up earlier in the week. Call it a day at 5pm to head home and see the children and my wife.

Saturday: Rewarded with a lie-in until 8.30am, then off to the shops for a stroll round to get some fresh air and clear the mind. Toughest negotiation of the week with my eight-year old daughter over choice of lunch venue.

Sunday: Swimming, papers and Sunday lunch. Fire the laptop up at 8pm when children are in bed to remind myself what’s on for next week.