Fund managers diary

Andrew Williamson-Jones is managing director and portfolio manager in the global equity team within BlackRock fundamental equity portfolio management group. His diary runs from July 19-25.

Monday Catch the 6.40am train from Overton and use the journey to read the Financial Times and check overnight emails from Asia. I attend a meeting at 8.30am and discuss mergers and acquisitions newsflow on Tomkins and International Power. Our team meets at 10am. Discussions centre on Thai banks and Daimler. I meet an

Asian analyst to discuss the outlook for iron ore – they are bearish on the prospects for Chinese demand in 2011. In the afternoon, I meet a European analyst to review the luxury goods sector and its outlook for 2011. My day finishes at 6pm, taking research with me to read on the train.

Tuesday The exhaust falls off the car 300 metres from the station. I call the garage next to the station when I get to work. They can repair the car before I come home this evening. My wife is relieved – she did not fancy having to take me there early tomorrow morning.

This is a busy week for earnings as the American reporting season starts, so I spend the first few hours catching up on releases. The afternoon consists of a discussion on the development of the funds we manage and then a conference call with a client, reviewing Q2 performance and outlook. (article continues below)

Wednesday A busy morning, with meetings to discuss a new client pitch we have been invited to do early next week, followed by a conference call with an Asian analyst to discuss Chinese government policy. Our morning meeting lasts longer than normal as we discuss American stocks, which reported yesterday. We also review a portfolio managed by a colleague. I eat a sandwich for lunch at my desk as more American earnings announcements come through. Catch up on reading in the afternoon.

Thursday Busier day than expected, starting with the announcement that Apache, an American exploration and production company, is acquiring some assets from BP for $7 billion (£4.5 billion). We have a conference call with management and further discussions with our natural resources team. We decide to participate in the deal.

Then lunch with an Asian strategist who says Indonesia is expensive and likes China. I take a conference call with an American client, discussing the outlook for commodities and the stocks we hold in their portfolio. I rush to catch the train as I am playing tennis this evening which I find is a great way to unwind.

Friday More company results, most are ahead of expectations. Imperial Tobacco announces weak tobacco volumes; other stocks in the sector are reacting negatively to this. Following our morning meeting, I print out some reports on Chinese and Taiwanese companies, for reading on the train down to Wales. I am off to the in-laws for the weekend – the rest of the family has driven down there this morning.

Saturday Good night’s sleep, which is a relief as our youngest daughter is inclined not to sleep for the first night in a strange house. I am allowed the morning off with the father-in-law to go and play golf at his club. Back in time for lunch, then play with the children all afternoon. We have friends over for dinner, it turns out to be a rather late night.

Sunday Relaxing day reading newspapers and playing with the children. We depart at 7.30pm, leaving the boys with the grandparents and head back to Hampshire. It will be quiet for the next three days at home with the twins away. My wife can enjoy a lie-in next week. But not me. It is the 6.40am train to London on Monday morning.