Threadneedle launches Sicav range

Threadneedle has launched its Sicav range following the completion of the integration and restructuring of the World Express investment funds business, acquired in May 2009.

The Threadneedle (Lux) Sicav platform incorporates 16 fund portfolios managed by Threadneedle. Four are existing Threadneedle portfolios, and 12 have been taken under Threadneedle management.

Eight of these portfolios have undergone objective changes, and three have also been renamed. The European Small Cap Equities portfolio becomes Pan European Smaller Companies, Focused US Growth Equities becomes American Select, and European Equities becomes Pan European Equities.

A further seven fund portfolios in the range are managed by sub-advisers Aperta SGR, MC Gestioni, New Castle, River Source and Walter Scott.

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