Liontrust plans to extend global reach of funds

Liontrust is planning to extend the international scope of its fund range. It is particularly interested in running global, European and Asia-Pacific portfolios.

Nigel Legge, joint chief executiveof Liontrust, says “When we find the right team, we will be interested in expanding into those areas and there is a high possibility we may hire a research and development unit that can test whether our investment processes could be applied on a global basis.”

He adds: “This is where the big money is for pension funds”.

Liontrust funds are run using five documented investment processes. The most recent of these is called the cashflow solution, used by Gary West and James Inglis-Jones on the group’s range of European funds.

It is based on behavioural finance and focuses on exploiting the inaccuracies of profit forecasting.

The other processes are Jeremy Lang’s value dynamic and Lang approach, as used on his First Income and First Growth funds.

William Pattisson manages his First Large Cap and Focus 350 funds using his large cap process, while Anthony Cross and Julian Fosh co-manage the Intellectual Capital and First Opportunities funds using the Cross report.

Legge says: “In America, there is interest in taking Jeremy’s ability in the UK and transferring this to another index.

“If we hire a research unit, we can see if we can roll out other portfolios using our other investment processes.”