Fund Manager’s Diary

Monday A wet and dark Monday morning soon forgotten about as my colleague Andrew Neville and I discuss how our London Stock exchange holding has performed over the previous week as various stakes in the company have changed hands at ever rising prices. We have another meeting to talk about the implications of the American interest rate rise and outlook for consumer spending in Britain. Join our sustainability research team with a company involved in the origination of carbon credits, and the second one with a gold mining company, which is just going in to production; an opportune time with the gold price at a 27-year high. After work I go for a swim followed by a quiet evening at home.

Tuesday Come into a “red day” in the market with a few more consumer facing businesses reporting tougher trading. Our funds are generally underweight consumer cyclical sectors but we do keep running our models on the stocks to see where potential earnings disappointments may come from. Go for coffee with Andrew for a quick catch-up. After hours quickly drop into a reunion of an old firm where I used to work, before heading back to the village I live in to a wine-tasting. Level of knowledge varies hugely between us all.

Wednesday Results out from Barratt Developments remind the market that interest rises have affected the housing market – we keep a wary eye on the sector. Morning spent catching up with some of our internal analysts and running through some of their models with them. The first Christmas party invitation arrivesLater we meet a smaller financial company with our bank analyst, which might be a beneficiary of Northern Rock’s woes. The day ends listening into a results conference call with an oil company I own in the Gulf of Mexico.

Thursday Catch up with various companies reporting in the morning before heading off to the Morgan Stanley modern asset management conference where a mixture of UK quoted companies discuss their strategies and thoughts for the industry. I always find it useful to hear leading experts in our industry give their views on life. Go for a swim on the way home, which I find a good time to think over some of the earlier presentations I heard.

Friday This is a non-stop meeting day starting with Dana Petroleum at 8.30am. The chief executive apologises for continually answering his phone during the meeting as they are trying to get a news release out on a new oil discovery. We wish he had to apologise more often. The work week ends with my weekly High Alpha Fund meeting where we discuss potential transactions on the fund. The evening is spent in Covent Garden watching the England versus Tonga game with five Englishmen and one smug South African.

Saturday A frighteningly early start for a weekend as I have to get my eldest to school by 8am. My youngest is eager to go to the golf driving range so off we go and he proceeds to ignore my advice and instead sees how quickly he can hit 50 balls. No worries of Nick Faldo giving him a call to be in the Ryder Cup anytime soon. In the evening we are out at a friend’s house where I “disappear” towards the end of the Scotland game to watch them win – but far too close for comfort.

Sunday Take the boys to play tennis in the morning followed by village football. Afternoon gives an opportunity to catch up on the papers and outstanding work from the week before. The week ends as always with a visit to the gym.

  • Trevor Green is the manager of the Allianz RCM UK Mid Cap fund at Allianz Global Investors. His diary runs from September 24-30.