From: e-trader@fkim.com
To: Stephen.james@fkim.com
Subject: Re: A new fund

I’m not spending a well-earned break dissecting Luke’s latest crazy idea, but as Liz drove to Southampton, I read it in the car. We’re about to set sail but, for what it’s worth, I think this fund has legs. Only because it’s property, which IFA clients love. That said, I couldn’t understand how it works.

From: e-trader@fkim.com
To: phil.dump@pgbrokers.co.uk
Subject: A life on the ocean wave!

We must be close to France as I have a signal. I’m relieved we dumped those commodity stocks. How’s the market? On second thoughts, don’t tell me – I’m enjoying myself too much.

From: victoria.ovantine@fkim.com
To: e-trader@fkim.com
Subject: Too much cash!

As well as the cash you raised, there have been fund flows into the unit trust. I can spend part of the cash rebalancing between funds so they continue to mirror each other, but you need some good buying ideas.

From: hugh.golder@dragonlife.co.uk
To: e-trader@fkim.com
Subject: Re: Lunch

You’ve picked a good time to be away, I don’t think. But you always were a perverse individual. Call me as soon as you’re back. We really do need to talk.

From: e-trader@fkim.com
To: george.lark@virgin.net
Subject: Guess what?

This really is the life! I didn’t expect to enjoy it, but so far so good. We’re just leaving Lisbon (great city) and I’m off to dinner. On our table is an IFA who’s heard me speak! Fame indeed.

From: Sharon.wells@costatravel.com
To: e-trader@fkim.com
Subject: Where are you?

Are you coming to Spain? I know I was a bit off with you when last in touch, but I’d really like your advice. You see, I’ve been offered a job in the City and don’t know whether to go for it.

To be continued…