Neptune targets emerging markets

Neptune Investment Management is launching two funds this week, the Neptune Latin America fund and the Neptune Asia Pacific Opportunities fund.

The Latin America fund is managed by Felix Wintle, head of US equities and manager of the Neptune US Opportunities fund.

It sits within the IMA Specialist sector and aims to generate capital growth from investment predominantly in Latin American securities. It also invests in securities issued by companies transacting a much of their business in Latin America.

Wintle says the fund expects to capitalise on Latin America’s abundance of natural resources as well as its growing consumer market.

“The long-term picture for Latin America is an incredibly strong one,” he says. “The countries there are unique [in their supply] of natural resources and it’s something the rest of the world needs. Also, rising incomes are benefiting everybody. As incomes rise, money gets spent by consumers.”

At launch, 70% of the portfolio will be invested in Brazil. The remainder will be split between Mexico, Chile, Peru and Argentina.

Shelley Kuhn, manager of the Neptune India fund and assistant manager of the Neptune China fund, will manage the Neptune Asia Pacific Opportunities fund. It sits within the IMA Asia Pacific ex Japan sector and invests mainly in securities in the Asian and Pacific markets (excluding Japan).

In addition to its focus on the energy sector, financials and industrials, the fund looks to exploit the materials sector.