Novatis launches ‘insourced’ discretionary management service

Novatis Asset Management is offering IFAs a discretionary investment management service that allows assets to stay invested on existing platforms.

The ’insourced’ service allows IFAs to keep the assets invested on their existing platforms, where many other discretionary services move assets onto their own platform.

Novatis then runs the investments on a day-to-day basis but the IFA maintains the client relationship and the ability to decide on overall investment policy.

Frank Dolan, an investment director at Novatis, says: “We have looked at discretionary investment management from the IFA’s point of view and we are different, not just a variation on services which already exist. (article continues below)

“Novatis is the only discretionary investment management firm that enables the advisers to manage their clients’ investments on their preferred platform, implementing their investment policy, their risk profiles and their model portfolios, while keeping control of the client relationship and retaining the value of client wealth in the adviser’s firm.”

Novatis is a trade name of London fee-based IFA firm Brilliance Financial Planning.