Henderson looks at natural resources

Henderson is considering launching a natural resources fund.

Mark Skinner, the director of European retail, says the firm is talking to a number of external groups about the possibility of launching such a product.

“Demand for products in developed nations is not going to slow”

Mark Skinner

He says: “We are continuing to see the growth story of China and India and that is having an increasing impact on the scale of manufacturing. Add the fact that demand for products in developed nations is not going to slow and you can see why these types of offerings will grow in demand in the future.”

Meera Patel, a senior analyst at Hargreaves Lansdown, says: “In the long-term, there is a good story behind natural resources funds, given the commodity and emerging markets plays involved. Investors must be aware of the valuations in the short-term and if Henderson does launch a product, it will be interesting to see what structure it would have, such as whether it would have the ability to short.” (article continues below)

Adrian Lowcock, a senior investment analyst at Bestinvest, says: “These funds have been the place to be over the last five years and while Henderson would be launching late into the cycle, these products will continue to succeed in the long-term.”