Future Capital Partners launches VCT and EIS

Future Capital Partners has launched its first venture capital trust (VCT) and an enterprise investment scheme (EIS), both investing in the renewable energy sector.

The products aim to offer investors access to low risk opportunities within the renewable energy, energy efficiency and waste recycling fields.

Elara Renewable fund, the EIS vehicle, adopts a conservative investment strategy focused on lower risk opportunities across the renewable sector. Future Capital Partners says investors in the fund should qualify for 20% income tax relief on investments up to £500,000 in any one tax year. However, the minimum investment is £5,000.

Investors can defer capital gains tax (CGT) liabilities by investing in the fund and will qualify for 100% relief from inheritance tax after two years. In addition, any capital gains realised on disposal of investments held by the fund after three years should be exempt from CGT. (article continues below)

Shares in the Clean Future VCT, the second new launch, are offered at £1 per share, also with a minimum investment of £5,000. Investors will qualify for up to 30% income tax relief on capital invested in the fund, as well as exemption from capital gains tax on disposal of the investment.

When selecting individual investments for both vehicles, Future Capital Partners seeks companies with a long-term track record, strong business plans and growth potential supported by government legislation and subsidies.

Future Capital Partners is an alternative investment boutique specialising in renewable energy, real estate, health care and media and entertainment.