From: shirley.webster@aol.com
To: e-trader@stella-am.com
Subject: Last Friday!

Boy you got me into trouble. Aside from the fact I made little sense when I returned (I’m never, ever drinking port again), they all laughed when I said who I’d had lunch with.

From: phil.dump@pgbrokers.co.
To: e-trader@stella-am.com
Subject: Get off your butt!

There’s never a lot of business around at this time of year, and as you’ve had good hospitality from us I thought you might like to improve my figures. Buy on bad days, that’s my advice.

From: e-trader@stella-am.com
To: phil.dump@pgbrokers.co.uk
Subject: Re: Get off your butt!

Don’t you ever listen? There’s a time bomb ticking in this market and I’m not going to leave myself unprotected when it goes off. Anyway, I’m in the middle of some exciting new developments here. Be patient.

From: e-trader@stella-am.com
To: george.lark@virgin.net
Subject: Last week.

Great sport – just like the old days. Shirley’s fun, isn’t she? Do you remember her mother, Adele? She wasn’t so taken with the traditional City lunch, though. Apparently, she got some stick when she returned to the office. Glad I didn’t make that mistake.

From: liz.trader@lgib.com
To: e-trader@stella-am.com
Subject: Work pressures.

You wouldn’t believe how busy we are. There are people working all through the night in the corporate finance department. If I’m to avoid having a nervous breakdown, I need a break. Shall we go away in September? I can take a week off.

From: hugh.golder@stella-am.com
To: e-trader@stella-am.com
Subject: Our future plans.

You’re right. It would be good for you to meet the Fleet guys less formally so they can give you a heads-up on their plans. How about dinner next week? Just you, me and the two key players on their side.

To be continued…