Frontier launches onshore multi-asset fund

Frontier Capital Management has launched an onshore version of its multi-asset funds to provide access to Isa and onshore bond investors.

The IFDS Frontier MAP Balanced fund invests passively across eight asset classes, based on the approach used by other MAP funds, in a non-Ucits Retail Scheme (Nurs) framework.

David Cienfuegos has run the offshore fund since September 2005, and will manage the mirror in the same way. This means investing in exchange traded funds (ETFs), index trackers, futures contracts, over-the-counter (OTC) derivative instruments and underlying equities and bonds in the index.

The fund may be exposed to commodities, emerging equities, emerging fixed income, global equities, global fixed income, hedge funds, managed futures and real estate.

Michael Azlen, the chief executive officer, says: “We do not try to predict future asset class returns, and the investment is for those with a five to 10-year time horizon. It is based on running all of the asset classes together in one place at a low cost.”

He adds that 40 Independent Financial Adviser (IFA) businesses which use Frontier’s outsourced wealth management solution as a core portfolio will commit at least £10m for the launch.

The minimum investment is £1,000 and the fund begins investing on March 16, although it was launched yesterday.

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